May 31, 2014


hello mon cher reader. I'm not going to bother with I-can't-believe-another-month-have-passed, but jump right into my favorites of the month of May. I really don't have much to show you, I wasn't buying much makeup or anything. However I have a few things that turned my world upside down. Kind of.

SKINCARE: Bioderma Sebium Global - Intensive Purifying Care
I've been using this cream for the past few weeks and it has helped me loads with my acne. I wish I had taken before and after pictures so I could show how effective this product has been on me. Not only it got rid of all of the active acne that's been going on on my face, but it's also healing scars and other blemishes I have. I still got a few break-outs during the period of using this, but it's absolutely nothing compared to what I used to get before. I love how gentle yet effective it is, it feels really soft on my skin. Highly recommend this if you're fighting any kind of blemishes.

MAKEUP: Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
Love this mascara for how build-able it is. I can put heaps and heaps of it till I reach an actual effect of falsies and it looks just fabulous! Love the wand too. After months of using the Rocket mascara by Maybelline, which as you may know, has quite a bulky brush, Lash Accelerator feels like a breath of fresh air, haha. So easy to apply it to the corners of my eyes. Not sure what else to say about this product, I'm really enjoying it overall. 

JEWELRY: Takko, Lindex, Lovein
A few days ago I dolled up for a school's-over kind of event where I wore this gorgeous ring embellished with the pretty shades of blues (from Takko). And I had these beautiful earrings  (from Lindex) which shine holographic-ly (?) when sun hits them. I seriously love them so much, I'm still looking for ways to incorporate them in casual looks as well. I'm thinking of a striped top and red lip, what do you think?
A piece of jewelry I loved the most this month has been a Lovein bracelet I wrote about in this post. I've found it goes perfectly with 99% of my outfits, I barely ever leave house without this bracelet on my wrist!

CLOTHES: stripes and denim
This is getting so repetitive, I know! But bare with me and my love for stripes and denim. I got to the point where I don't want to wear anything else when going out, haha. I can't wait to get more striped pieces for this Summer. Loose, fitted, over-sized, cropped, I'm gonna buy all of it.

MUSIC: "So good to me" by Chris Malinchak  LISTEN This is so chill I need a coat.

"Fancy" by Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX  LISTEN Woman Crush Wednesday? More like woman crush life.

"Monday Morning" by Death Cab For Cutie  LISTEN I think the Death Cab is probably my actual favorite band.

"Nobody To Love" by Sigma  LISTEN Watch the whole video, I want my Summer like that. Please and thank you.

TV: "Survivor"
I always feel like I don't give enough credit to Survivor even thought it's one of my favorite things on earth. I can't wait for another Blood VS Water season and in the meantime I'm watching previous seasons in no particular order. It's one of the best things to binge-watch, you should try it some time or, you know, maybe just go out.


Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil with a dash of red pepper oil to be exact. I've always enjoyed this combination, but this month I've munching on this stuff pretty much every other day. 

This is it for this month's faves! See you next time!


  1. Such gorgeous photos! and great post. :)
    Stephanie x

  2. I just love your blog (as well as your instagram!)! I just started my own blog and I feel like I can learn a lot from you! Did you like do a lot of research regarding how to use html and stuff or did you just figure it out?? bisou bisou :)

    1. hi thank you for your kind words, means a lot! yea I've had years of experience with html on tumblr. However it's so much more complicated here on Blogger, I can hardly customize a thing! good luck dear xx