Jun 2, 2014


hello mon cher reader. It's ridiculous how I went all I'm-pink-no-more a few posts ago and declared my love for pastels and pink over. And after that my blog has burst with pink. Nicely done *pats self on the back*. As I said, pinks will always have my heart, it's just that now I've learnt to love all the other colors as well. Uh, why do keep going back to explaining colors...

I should explain the title of this OOTD instead. Well I've graduated. Okay not officially, not yet. But I've had my last exam today and this is it, got no more class to attend! The official graduation is in one month's time. However I may not be attending it as I'll be getting my diploma earlier than others (need it for a uni abroad). So the latest graduation kinda event was last week and I wanted to look fab, to sort of make up for the actual graduation which I may miss out on. So here's the look went for.

DRESS - BOOHOO (can we discuss the fact the I'm wearing a "Julia" dress??)  |  NECKLACE - CENTRO

For the shoes, I wore these beautiful black pumps. It may be hard to believe, but they're actual so comfy because it's leather. Currently fishing for an occasion to wear them again.

Nails. Did them ombré! Which you probably have already seen either on my instagram or on my previous blog post. The design is actually a gradient from light blue to pink (to match my necklace and dress), but it totally seems as if it's white and pink. Ugh, I tried!

Oh and I'm pretty satisfied with my hair as well. I achieved these loose waves using a hair straightener. The process is actually really quick and so easy. I had been browsing for ways to curl using a flat iron and was lucky enough to find this tutorial. How come I couldn't have thought of this? Elementary.

Watcha think about this outfit? : ) 


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in that dress! <3

    P.S. I have the same necklace! ;)


  2. I'd say you achieved looking fab! I love the shape of that dress!

    ~ K

  3. Those black heels though *heart eyes emoji*
    isabel in disarray