Jun 5, 2014


hello mon cher reader. Tonight I'm sharing my Summer wishlist / shoplist. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a bunch of other things, but I can always do a part deux. I kind of foresee this Summer as a laid-back one in terms of clothing. In terms of reality, it might be a pretty stressful season with the summer job hunt and uni coming up this Fall. If I'll be stressed and depressed, why be poorly dressed on top of that?

sexy lace
I want  loose and droopy lace nicely hanging on my shoulders this season. Even though it's oversized and you might be feeling like you just loosely wrapped a curtain around your body, I definitely see some sexiness in it. Skater lace dresses and peplum tops are so flirty in my opinion. 

birks? who saw these coming?
definitely not me! Or is it just that I'm an amateur at being fashion-forward... Anyways, the birkenstock sandal trend made me cave in so quick and I won't rest till I have a pair!

orange is the new black
I'm excited about the orange lip trend just as much as I am about the new season of the one and only "Orange Is The New Black" (which is in just a few days!) That translates into me being freakishly in love with the look of this lippy! I shall buy myself a lipstick and see if I can pull it off, feeling pretty positive about it. Might go for more of a muted orange than the vibrant pop of color though!

the IT bikini
like the red backs of the louboutins, the black lining of Triangl speaks volumes. The hype is real, you guys. Everyone wants Triangl. What do you think though? Has it become overrated or are you crazy about it too? I know I am! And oh mon dieu, they made their Lucy undies into bikinis now! And it's the prettiest bikini my eyes has seen.

ah, the easy espadrilles. I practically spent the whole last Summer in those. Comfiest. Thing. Ever. In all honesty, I'm a bit surprised these simple slip-ons made their way into my heart so easily since I love wearing high heeled beauties which make me feel like I can conquer the world. But then Summer comes and it's like "okay, take five, girl".

a black leather jacket
now that's such a staple in every girl's wardrobe and it's almost embarrassing I don't own one. You can wear it all year around and give an instant edge to your outfit. Also I just got myself a gorgeous dress which I can't wait to wear paired with a soon-to-be-bought black leather jacket. Yup, this how it usually works, one purchase calls for another, but hey that's life.

And that's about it. Well I also need to stock up on striped tops, but I'm not gonna go into detail since I made myself pretty clear about the stripes in the last couple of posts. And I already bought my desired nail polish color for the season which is an in-between of pink and purple. I'm gonna do a blog post about it since the brand of the nail polish really surprised me and that topic can't go untouched here on Très Queentastic.

See you soon!

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  1. Ah still love your edits Julia! And I love the orange trend for this summer, and you can never go wrong with a nice leather jacket :)

    With love,
    The Inkberry | www.theinkberry.com