Jun 28, 2014


Bonsoir mes chéries! Summer's been acting up lately to the extents of it being more of an Autumn than summertime. And it's rather annoying. Since I can't exactly break out with shorts and strapless tops I'm still the palest creature to walk this earth. But I still want to wear my gorgeous Reverse jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit - Reverse | Ankle boots - H&M | Bag - Accessorize | Earrings - Les Néréides | Necklace - Les Néréides | Watch - ebay

There's something about romantic, flowy summer pieces clashing with autumnal ones. I've always loved the look of dress and boots. So, to bear this chilly summer I'm wearing my beloved H&M ankle boots (and tights of course). They have a suede fringe on the sides aka coachella vibes, so hey these are totally appropriate for summer.

Alright now let me rave about the jumpsuit for a second. Prettiest. Thing. Ever. I adore the combo of long sleeves and a deep V (oh, and it's deep, girls). Also, it looks like a dress, but you'll never feel this comfy in a dress. I swear you can do gymnastics in this jumpsuit. Not that I do it (hahah let's get real here), but I want to swirl and dance and do all that stuff while wearing it, probably because of how safe I feel wearing it. There'll be no panties situation going on if you swirl, which would totally happen if I was wearing a dress. I might as well just spend the rest of the summer in this gorgeous piece. Perfect for lounging outside or dancing your troubles away in a festival. You can buy it here.

The jewelry I'm wearing is from Les Néréides. Love these pastel tones and faceted glass shapes. They're such universal pieces, I can see myself wearing these loads of times in the future. Oh, and the earrings are currently on sale so I'd say grab 'em, they're so pretty and delicate.

How do you like this look? :)

bisou bisou,

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  1. That jumpsuit is just gorgeous! As is the necklace! Hopefully the weather will heat up soon! x
    BTW: Your brows are ~FLAWLESS~

    Amor Fati

  2. That necklace is so pretty, I love Les Néréides! Fi xxx


  3. Such a lovely outfit and I love the floral and necklace.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. you have such pretty things! Loving the overall look!


  5. Love the print on your playsuit - it's perfect for summer! x