Aug 31, 2014

A Beachy Update (+VIDEOS)

Sunday, August 31st, the last day of Summer. 2014

hello mon cher reader! It's so nice to be writing a blog post after what seems like a forever of no updates. It really has been quite some time, actually. A month, to be exact, since my last appearance on this blogosphere. Moving into UK has snatched all the time off me, but I'm finally settled in (well, almost), so there's just no reason to ditch my blog!

I thought I'd see off the season of Summer by sharing my seaside photos (and videos) from a lovely trip a month ago. Aah, I miss the sea and heat so much!

Packing ceremonies! I could just rave on and on about this Evian facial mist spray, definitely one of my favorites this Summer. I wish I had to live in a warmer climate so I could use it again.

Barefoot crochet sandals have been on my mind since I first discovered them on Pinterest sometime in the beginning of July. I just had to have them. Seriously one of the most beautiful handmade things ever. I even let myself daydream away and I fantasized about walking down the isle in these. Teeny tiny secret I never got a chance to mention is that I've been  dreaming of a beach wedding as long as I remember myself. Sorry, this is so off-topic. What do you think though? These beauties I'm wearing are from the Elvish Things




Don't forget to have a look at 2 videos I put together from this seaside trip!


I hope you all had an unforgettable Summer, I sure did! Look out for a British update now as I have lots to tell you about my big move.

Au revoir l'été, bonjour l'automne.

bisou bisou, 


  1. Your photographs made me wanna have summer season again! And I LOVE your Triangl swimwear!