Sep 8, 2014

FALL FORECAST: Classy & Polished

It's probably the first Autumn in my life when I'm not drawn to the generic autumnal cozy-wear, not in the slightest. I guess I may have grown out of wanting to huddle under layers of plaids and knits. Why make myself look five times fatter in an over-sized sweater when there are tons of equally comfortable clothing out there? Autumn-wear is so much more than the sweater weather!

playsuit - HOUSE OF TRENDELLA | interior via DPAGES

One of the items on my current wishlist is a jumpsuit. After wearing my beloved Reverse one throughout this summer (see here) and realizing what a comfortable piece a jumpsuit can be, I just need at least one for Autumn as well. I spotted quite a few of them in the stores, but none of them made my heart skip a beat like the one from House of Trendella did. It's basically an autumnal version of my floral one. This hue of gray can be paired with probably everything else in my closet, making this piece so versatile as you can dress it up (e.g. heels and statement necklaces) or dress it down (e.g. knit kimono and ankle boots).

I'm all about clean, polished lines, earth-tones, neutrals, whites and occasional pop of colors this season. 

Speaking of color popping, here's another piece I'd like to share. When spotting that gorgeous playsuit on House of Trendella, I also found this bright dress on there too. I love the simplicity of it and can't help imagining it paired with a white fur jacket. Coral is not for Summer only!

I hope you enjoyed this little wishlist/inspo sort of post, I just felt like I need to share my Fall forecast with you and give you a hint of I'm going for this season. 

What is your perfect autumn-wear?


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  1. Labai grazios inspiracijos :)