Sep 18, 2014

BEAUTY HAUL | Boots, Superdrug, Primark, Feel Unique

Shopping has become so fun here in UK as everything's more or less cheaper here and delivery from Feel Unique takes only a few days! So, obviously I needed some essentials of both skincare and makeup, but we all know how shopping for essentials goes... we can get a bit carried away, am I right ladies?

I already tried the RT sponge and it does work wonders, like most beauty gurus claim. The application is so quick, it will be amazing for when I don't want to spend ages on my makeup, but still want a flawless finish. The sponge doesn't seem to absorb the product (like most cheap sponges I tried do), so it's really easy to build up the coverage if needed.

Now there was absolutely no question as to which foundation I should go for this season. True Match is my one and only. It's probably my 4th or 5th bottle, so that should say a lot already. Also, many people have asked me whether it's suitable for dry skin.. Thing is, I wouldn't know as my skin is anything but dry!

Moving onto skincare, here are a few purchases I've made. I'm already using everything you see here and I'm really happy with the results. When my face feels yuck I use these wipes to get rid of all the unwanted grease and then apply this clay mask. After being a Shrek for ~30mins, I rinse my face and moisturize it using the Effaclair Mat by La Roche-Posay. I might just do a proper review for this product as I've fallen head over heels for this stuff!

TIP: before paying almost £4 for these facial wipes at Boots, try Superdrug. They're only £1 there!

DID YOU KNOW? I purchased this La Roche-Posay moisturizer using the money I earned playing apps! Say whaaa?! Yup, I'm happy to say that it's 100% legit, the app is called "Feature Points" and you get points by downloading and using apps for ~30 seconds (then you can just uninstall those apps). You can then redeem your points and get Amazon vouchers or just straight up money into your PayPal account (which is what I did)! So download "Feature Points" and use my code for extra 50 points: BY29XP

SUPERDRUG hairspray | DOVE hand cream (similar)

I haven't had a chance to try the hairspray just yet, but I have freshers coming up so it'll definitely come in handy! And I'm using this hand cream all the time as I'm an absolute hand cream junkie, I hate the feeling of dry hands! And this one's honestly one of the best ones I've ever bought. My hands are so smooth and the product's absorbed really quickly and the smell... it's just divine as my favorite scent is nothing else but vanilla.

BATISTE dry shampoo | PRIMARK pedicure set | PRIMARK falsies

After ages and ages of wanting to try Batiste, the time has finally come and so did the realization that dry shampoos don't really work on my hair. My hair gets really greasy within 24 hours so I only use this dry shampoo to give some extra volume to my roots and that's it. 

I also picked up some bits from Primark. A pedicure set, merely because I forgot mine back at home and some false eyelashes if I ever decide that I don't have enough of my own. Have any of you tried Primark eyelashes, are they any good? I suppose you can't go wrong with it being one pound only...

I saved my favorite purchases for the last. I absolutely cannot wait to try this bronzer and highlighter duo! I haven't heard much about this particular product, it was more of a spontaneous purchase rather than planned. But Bourjois is a trust-worthy brand in my opinion, so I hope for the best. 

Also, I finally got my hands on this L'Oreal lipstick. All this time I was convinced I'm gonna get the Cheryl's nude, but at the store I decided to go with Eva's as it's more of an Autumnal color. I can already see myself wearing is every single day as it's so neutral and lately I've been hating having my lips bare, I'd rather have some lipstick on!

I'm definitely planning on doing reviews of some of these purchases, tell me if you're interested in something particular!

bisou bisou,


  1. I love the way you photograph your stuff! Lovely things you got there (:

  2. Such lovely things! I love the look of the L'oreal lipstick x


  3. Envy overload. Never shopped in UK and that would be really something for me!!!
    Love your choices;)

    1. if you ever find yourself in UK, girl we gotta go shopping together! x