Feb 5, 2015


This might seem like a very random selection of things; that's because I have a bit of everything: makeup, skincare, accessories... As you can see, this isn't much, but I have more favorites in music, film, etc at the second half of this post. Don't know about you, but I'm always interested in people's non-beauty favorites. I have quite a few this month!

Both of my makeup favorites are lip products. Which makes sense as they're that part of my makeup I change/buy the most, whilst base products stay pretty much the same. MAC 'Velvet Teddy' lipstick and Essence pencil in 'Satin Mauve' have been on my lips this whole past month. I didn't wear anything else! Most of the time, I mix them together for the most perfect mauvey-taupe shade. The swatches I attempted in the photo are not very accurate, especially the Essence one. It's more of a dusty, muted mauve (not as vibrant as in the picture). See swatches here instead; trust me, you need this lip liner in your life.

Of course, it's my dearest one from The Fifth Watches. It seems to appear in every single blog post of mine and every other instagram photo. So it should be pretty obvious how much I love it. A LOT. If you're thinking of getting one yourself, chop chop! Because the sales of The Fifth launch on the 5th of every month and run for only five days. So it's started today!

2015 is all about clearing my skin off acne. Well, it's about a lot of things, but following a proper skincare routine is one of my main goals this year. Therefore, I've been buying quite a bit of skincare products since November or so. I must say, most of them turned out to be my favorites; although I'll feature only two of them as I feel they've stood out throughout the month of January. 

One of them is a Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop. It works wonders in you want to dry out and get rid of a break-out. It has anti-bacterial properties, but it's definitely too concentrated to slather all over your face. I came up with a solution though. I went all chemistry on this. Well, I simply mixed it with water. It certainly feels like it's removing all the bacteria and dirt and gunk off my face. I use it after removing my makeup - it removes every last bit of makeup residue if there is any! Sometimes I use it it the morning right after I get out of bed before I even wash my face.

Next up - probably my favorite thing of this past month in general. I present you the Spin For Perfect Skin. This has definitely improved the condition of my skin. Even though I'm still dealing with blemishes, this brush has helped me remove like one third of them. It seems as if it got rid of these small annoying spots and left me with a few bigger ones to deal with. No, it did not cause those blemishes, they've always been on my face. God I hope I'm making sense here! Basically it does a very good job at clearing and cleansing my skin. One more awesome thing - it cost me 30 bucks (+shipping costs)! I used  a 70% off code S4Spin, I hope it's still valid!!

I've been listening to Begin Again soundtrack NON STOP. I've never heard Keira Knightley sing and now that I have, it's my new favorite voice to listen to. It's so beautiful. Here, listen to her: 

It's Whiplash, hands down. I don't even know where to begin with this movie. It's a masterpiece in my eyes. Both JK Simmons and Miles Teller performed impeccably, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, I may have developed a bit of a crush on Miles Teller. It's been ages since I had a celebrity crush, I feel like a 12 year old now. In all seriousness though, he's a great actor and I'm just gonna go ahead and watch every single thing he's starred in. I already watched Two Night Stand which was surprisingly really good and so cute, gaahhh. Next stop: The Spectacular Now.

I'm on youtube every single day, it's easily one my favorite things to watch in my spare time. So I thought I'd feature some youtubers in this post just as well. Nathan from TheThirdPew has some seriously amazing content on his channel. He's only 17, still in high school and yet he's literally the most clever person I've seen. He is not your I-make-a-living-off-chubby-bunny-challenges vlogger, those make me vomit. His content is so relatable and entertaining and you need to subscribe.

In terms of beauty vloggers, I recommend Stephanie whom I've discovered last month by coming across a skincare routine video for acne prone skin. Her recommendations work wonders on my skin. I must have found someone who's dealing with the exact same issues, therefore I really like her acne video series. She also does a lot of makeup tutorials which target hooded eyelids; it's very in-depth and helpful!

bisou bisou,

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  1. Miles Teller, aaaaaaaaah.
    I myself am more interested in the non-beauty favorites, so this post is a delight!

  2. I love the watch, it's gorgeous!