Feb 8, 2015


So my hair's crazy flat and since I can't rock a sleek look I have to find ways to give it a volume boost. I recently discovered a very underrated product that solves my hair problems every time I leave my house. Apparently, Ruth from A Model Recommends has joined forces with the Colab Hair to create a range of dry shampoos. The best thing about it - they're volumizing, and they work! The below shows how I make my hair bigger using this spray. 

I start off by spraying this directly onto my roots to lift them and make my way downwards to give the rest of my hair texture. And it does give texture! If I'm going for a messy look I'll scrunch and fluff up my hair and brush only the ends. But most of the time I'm going for a neat look so I'll brush through all of my hair, holding my head down so it doesn't lose the volume I created. 

I love how it only takes a few minutes in the morning for me to achieve this. As if it wasn't a great product already, it also does a perfect job at being a dry shampoo. I have to wash my hair everyday (that is, if I'm leaving the house everyday), meaning my hair gets greasy really quick. For the first time in my life I can wash my hair every other day if I'm using this on the second day. So far, the best dry shampoo I've tried. Well I haven't tried much, but it certainly beats the very overrated Batiste. 

bisou bisou,

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