Feb 9, 2013

A Shelf In Detail

S A T U R D A Y ,  F E B R U A R Y  9


Hi, I'm postponing long text posts that awaits me in the drafts section, but they're going to be helpful for beginners on blogspot/blogging in general, so keep tuned you guys! As for tonight's post, there won't be much words used. I only have this pile of photos that I took the other day of the shelf in my bedroom. I'd say that's my favorite shelf, but that's actually the only this kind of shelf in a room..It's loaded with lovely stuff of mine so let's have a look.

Next to my Keep Calm picture there's this little jar (out of a burnt candle) that I filled with heart-shaped candy. I don't really like the taste (they're not bad, just not my taste!) but come on that looks so pretty for a display, doesn't it? 

Then there's a lavender scent sticks imprisoned in a birdcage (from Tiimari) and a picture of me on a bike. You don't have the slightest idea how I miss bike rides and how much I love them in the Summer. One of the top reasons I long for a warm season...

Now this is the part of this shelf I love the most, a polka-dotted part of it and my 2013 Memories/Good Things jar!

Wish it was fuller though!

Hope you had a lovely time on my shelf tour and if anyone wishes so - I'm looking forward to showing more of my bedroom some time soon again!




  1. I love the 2013 jar. What a great idea

  2. The jar idea is so cute! I was thinking of doing it as well.


  3. Oh my :)your shelf looks adorable :) I adore the heart candy filled and the 2013 good things jars :) I was thinking of doing the 2013 one as well, it's quite the lovely idea to stay positive throughout the year but I fear I don't have the necessary constancy to fill it up :)
    Lovely post as always,dear :)

  4. ooh such a pretty shelf! I love your memory jar. And I really love your blog, the photos are all so gorgeous!