Jan 5, 2015



05 / 01 / 2015

Today, on this beautifully aligned date of the fifth of twenty-fifteen, I am showing you the beauty that is The Fifth watch. When I first discovered the brand, I was in absolute awe; the simplicity of  it is astounding. It is, in fact, my very first purchase of the year... Is there an expression that says something along the lines of  your first buy reflecting the whole upcoming year? There isn't? Either way, I believe that my 2015 will be the one of simplicity and that less-is-more jazz.

First of all, The Fifth does things a little differently. Let me introduce you their concept which is called 'The Fifth View'; it consists of 5 simple rules which you can read above. This unusual idea is quite simple and I must say quite exciting. They sell watches only for five days a month; the sale launches on the 5th of each month. What is more, there are five surprises each time too, like giveaways and such, I believe. 

As you may have guessed, today's the 5th of January, meaning the sale has launched and will be running for the next five days. Let the shopping commence!  > their website 

Now, let me flail over the design. According to the website, 'The idea of the Fifth revolves around the inspiration of Fifth Avenue, New York', they 'used inspiration from the classic New York fashion landscape and the contemporary style of Melbourne.' Well, the result gets 5 five stars from me. Get it? It really does though. I love how it is so universal and seamless. 

The whole unisex aesthetic appeals to me greatly these days. I also love how steady and sturdy it feels on my wrist. I know I haven't included any pictures of me wearing it, but you'll see tons of them on my instagram as this is definitely my new go-to accessory.

What are your thoughts? 

bisou bisou,


  1. Love how neat and pretty your posts are. The watch is gorgeous. ♥

    Ieva | Lurker Stories

  2. I finally got a watch and realized I didn't know how to tell time right I felt so awkward lol but this watch is really nice (:

  3. What a beauty! It's so simple that it looks classy and elegant at the same time

  4. I've been looking for a watch and these ones are GORGEOUS! (and affordable...) The Rose-Gold and Peach one on the website is so cute!!